Working with nodes

New nodes can be created by pressing the SPACE key when the mouse is in the InnerWorld window. The type of the node is selected in two steps. First you have to decide between data source, operator and data sink. Next you have to select the concrete processing node.

Nodes have to be connected by dragging a line from the source node to the destination node. Move your mouse over the source node, press the left mouse button LMB and hold it down while dragging the rubber band to the destination node. Release the mouse button over the designated node.

Nodes can be selected with the right mouse button RMB . A selected node is high lighted with a yellow frame. You can select more than one node by holding down the shift key SHIFT while selecting with the right mouse button RMB . All nodes can be selected or deselected with the AKEY .

Connections between nodes are also selected with the right mouse button RMB . Not more than one connection can be selected.

A nodes parameters are displayed at the bottom of the window after selecting the node. Some of the simple operator nodes, like multiplication, have no parameters. You can change this values to adjust the mesh. Immediately after editing the whole processing graph will be recalculated and the old mesh is replaced with a new one. Every changes you made to this mesh in the 3D window is lost.

Selected nodes or connections can be deleted with the XKEY . You can delete more then one node at once by using multiple selection.

To reorder the layout of a graph select the affected node and press GKEY . Now you can move this nodes with the mouse.

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