Mesh and material

A mesh describes only the geometry of an object. Object color, reflection, transparency and lots of other details needs to be defined for the things in your scene. InnerWord has its focus on geometry. It is only able to generate a simple coloring schema. Since release 0.0.4 it will manage links between generated meshes and the user defined Blender materials.

Preserve material: In this mode the user defines a material by selecting the generated mesh in 3D view. Using Blenders materials he can add specular color, reflection color, layered textures and all this thousands of parameters needed for realistic appearance of the object. Later when InnerWorld recalculates the mesh it will preserve the link to the user defined material.


Gradient: In this mode InnerWorld generates a new material. This material manages one simple color gradient. You can tweak the coloring of the low, middle and upper area of the mesh.


To view the color gradient of the mesh in 3D view use draw type Shaded.


Solid Color: This mode is for recognizing single meshes. Using this mode makes only sense in an early state of your work.


If you select gradient mode or solid color mode the material from the mesh generator is used. The link to the user defined material gets lost. You can reconstruct this link in Blenders material button view.


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