First example

InnerWorld has a graph base approach for generating terrains. You produce the mesh by building an acyclic graph to evaluate the height of every mesh point. There are different types of nodes: data sources, operators, and data sinks. A graph needs exactly one sink connected to one ore more sources to produce a mesh.

Simple step by step example

  • Move the cursor over the free space in the InnerWorld window.
  • Press SPACE and select "Source" and than "Radial Gradient" to insert the first node.


  • Move the cursor a little bit right to the free space.
  • Press SPACE again and select "Sink" and than "Mesh" to insert a second node.
  • Drag the left mouse button LMB from the source node to the sink node.


Adjusting a node parameters

Click on the source node with the right mouse button RMB . The nodes parameter will be shown in the parameter area. What you see are typical Blender buttons. You can edit the values to adjust your mesh. Some simple type of nodes have no parameters. In this case only the node type is displayed.


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